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Congratulations to all of you who chose Evergreen Brides&Proms gowns for your special event!


We love to see your photos, so please send your images to

(with details of your photographer)


Thank you for choosing to wear

an Evergreen Dress !


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We love to see how amazing you looked at the Prom, wearing one of the beautiful dresses  

by Tiffanys Prom Collection



PROM King & Queen



Bill and Maisey

for being voted Prom King&Queen!


Maisey looked amazing in the Prom dress she chose from

Evergreen Brides&Proms!

Prom Night
Lady in Red…


“The day is finally here, my daughter at her prom 2021. The dress is amazing, we can’t thank you enough”

said the mother of this beautiful young lady.


Congratulations and thank you for choosing Evergreen as your Prom Shopping Dress experience!

Beautiful and Royal…


Congratulations to Kelly wearing the beautiful Adele Dress!


She looked stunning in the gown she chose for her Prom, and I hope the memories of this day will last forever!


We are sure that she looked and felt like a true Princess!

Just… Beautiful !


“Eleanor had an amazing evening and absolutely adored her dress!

We will be sure to recommend Evergreen Brides to anyone coming up to prom or a wedding. You made it such a special experience” said her Mom.

We came to see you at the prom and you looked just beautiful, Eleanor!

Missing the
Prom Night…


Because of this nasty virus, beautiful Sophie missed her Prom party, but she kept the promise wearing the dress, organising a day out with her friends.


Thank you for choosing Evergreen as your Prom Shopping Dress experience and… You looked just amazing in your chosen dress! 👗

Delicate and flowy…

Congratulations to Lilly wearing the beautiful Elizabeth Aqua Dress!


Even though she had to wait until September for the Prom to happen, Lilly looked just stunning in the chosen gown!

Thank you for choosing to wear an Evergreen Brides&Proms dress!

Real Brides

We love to see how amazing you looked on your wedding day, wearing one of our beautiful dresses!



Tomasin Thorogood, what a beautiful bride you’ve been! It’s like this dress was specially designed for you!
Sending these beautiful pictures and writing such an amazing review about Karen Westgate Dunne and me, definitely made our day!… This is what makes our “job” worthwhile!
Mrs&Mr Thorogood, we are wishing you lots of happiness, love and laughter together with your loved ones🥂